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Teach Me I'm Yours: success for your unique child - child development/parenting ebook
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Books For You & Your Family

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Teach Me,I'm Yours: success for your child - parenting/preschool activities ebook

Teach Me, I'm Yours

Increase your child's IQ while having FUN with these specially designed games, songs, exercises and lessons.
Book features locomotor & manipulative skills, listening, creative thinking, problem solving games & more.

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Kid Safe: how to protect your family from molesters & kidnappers

Kid Safe

Protect your child & teen by teaching survival tactics, escape techniques and more with information from experts in the field of child abduction.

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Settle For More: yes, you can have the relationship you've always wanted!

Settle For More:
You Can Have The Relationship You Always Wanted - guaranteed!

Discover powerful relationship secrets used to maintain lasting and loving relationships of unlimited possibilities.

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Abandoned For Life: romania orphan survives

Abandoned For Life

You saw it on ABC news years ago - the shocking neglect and squalor suffered by the orphaned children of Romania. But what happened after the cameras left?

Learn what really took place from a child who survived. In Izidor's own words, "No one must ever forget."

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Cater Your Way To Riches

Cater Your Way To Riche$

Good Cooks who fantasize about operating a small catering home-business will learn all they need to know to start a company from their own kitchen.

Fast, factual information for creative cooks and caterers with more Ideas than $$$s.

Details >>>
Chilled Run

Chilled Run

Imagine a world where everyone is equal. Prejudice, child abuse have been erased from the face of the earth. Or have they?

A sci-fi adventure/romance that keeps the pages turning right to the very end.

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A 9-11 Time Capsule: the first 14 days

A 9-11 Time Capsule: the first 14 days

This Tribute is a Time Capsule, a compilation of Empowered Parent posts showing how we came through the fear, the terror. It illustrates the Power we hold dear and will NOT easily release to any enemy.
Solar Sizzle: romance novel

Solar Sizzle

When flame-haired Casey meets sexy Shawn O'Brien of Alternative Energy International, it is definitely NOT love at first sight. Shouting at the man from the top of a roof isn't exactly the best way to make a good first impression! A sizzling romance.

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Ebon's Mate

Ebon's Mate

This delightfully touching, sexy, humorous romance/mystery takes readers into the lives of Nicholas, the college professor/murder mystery writer, and Heather, who only came back to Point Lookout for a weekend. But how will they get away from the stalker?

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You Kids Just Wait

You Kids Just Wait

Picture this: It's late afternoon. The kiddies are up and running after a lovely afternoon nap.

You Kids Just Wait is a book filled with the rollicking mis-adventures of two 'Only' children who had five babies in five years and lived to tell the tale. Parents & grandparents alike love this book!

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Romance Novels

Be sure not to miss Joan Bramsch's highly acclaimed Romance Novels!

Over 1 million copies sold worldwide.
Translated into 10 languages!

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