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How You can Make A Difference

by Pam Coronado

We all realize the complexity of our society's ills, but many of us have differing opinions on the cure. I have several practical suggestions which I will outline below, but first I would like to address the problems. Teaching self-defense, setting up neighborhood watches, etc., are highly recommended, and yet are only surface fixes.

Society is caught in a vicious cycle that must be broken. Adults have got to stop abusing children, thus creating more abusers. Period. We are creating a new generation of abusers as surely as I sit here and write this. Violence against children and sexual molestation are running rampant in this country and yet receive very little attention from politicians and the media. Why isn't this problem being addressed?

Look at all of the "stop smoking" messages and public pressure against tobacco companies these days. Look at the police and political force against drug use. Great! But what about child molestation? What about our future generation? Sure, we are talking about it more openly than we did 20 or even ten years ago, but has that decreased the aberrant behavior? Not in the least. Talking about it doesn't stop it. We have to start doing something about it.

I was shocked in one of my investigations to learn that a registered sex offender in the state of Arizona was allowed to live with his 12-year-old step-daughter after his release from jail. No questions asked. No social workers questioning her. This offender was arrested for exposing himself to a 13-year old girl. Why do our laws allow this? Obviously, the mother is not taking steps to protect her own child, then I feel society should.

So what can YOU do to make a difference?
1. Speak to every child you meet, with courtesy and kindness. It really doesn't take much effort to make a positive impact on a child's life who may have little going for them at home.

2. Treat your own children the way you wanted to be treated as a child. Be the parent you longed for. If you were abused, then break the cycle, here and now. Stop the blame game and use your life to make a difference in the world.

3. Give up denial. Your children will not tell you they are being abused if they already know you won't believe them. Denial is very dangerous.

3. Write your local politicians and find out what they are doing to stop child abuse, sexual abuse in particular.

4. Get involved. If you read my other articles you would have seen that 85% of child abductions occur within 1/4 mile of the home or school. I also noted that an unusual number of children are swiped off the street in the late afternoon and evening hours. These statistics are very disturbing to me because this is preventable.

Organize a "protect our children" neighborhood committee. Retired folks and others whose schedules permit, can volunteer to sit outside or cruise the neighborhood in their car while children are walking to and from school. Start knocking on doors, talking to your neighbors and pulling together to safeguard our children. Bring back "safe houses" with the sign in the window letting children know they can run there for help if needed. There is no reason our children should be left vulnerable to predators. I believe every new home should be required to have a front porch to encourage more community and activity in our neighborhoods.

5. Report abuse that you know is occurring. That child has no one else but you to step in and help them.

6. Talk to your child's principal about bringing safety classes to your child's school. Self defense and stranger safety classes empower children. When a child knows they can protect themselves against bullies or kidnappers they can stop living in fear. We teach fire safety, traffic safety, how to dial 911, but we don't teach personal safety. Why not?
Contact me for more information on making a difference in your community or to arrange a speaking engagement for your group or school. Pam Coronado


Pam Coronado: infant safety specialist Pam Coronado is the mother of three school-aged children and a licensed private detective who specializes in cases of missing and abducted children. For more information about Pam, please use this link.

You can visit Pam's site at http://www.pamcoronado.com
or email her at IamPam@earthlink.net

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