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ADHD - How You Can Help

I recently received this letter from a parent:

Dear Joan, I would like to see articles about ADHD (Both of my boys have it) and Learning Disabilities and How to help them (I just discovered my boys have a reading disability)


Dear Parent,

Having raised an ADHD child before it had initials!!! I have some suggestions.

1. Put the boys, actually it would be good for the family, on the diabetic diet with extra protein. The diabetic society will be glad to send you menus.

2. Feed them 6 times a day. morning recess and at 3 after school provide a protein drink. It is imperative to keep the blood sugar on an even keel. When it drops so does behavior.

3. Encourage that they use the overhead bars in the play yard. Most ADHD kids have small chests and by doing this exercise as often as you can get them to do it, the rib cage will expand, providing more space for the lungs to expand and hold more oxygen which, in turn, helps to calm the child.

4. Provide soft fabrics - faux furs, velvet, silks, a soft baby brush for the child to sleep with. The soft touch of these items is soothing to the skin and calms the child to sleep.

5. Whatever you promise your child, even more so than other children, what you promise, deliver. Consistency is absolutely important. You cannot give an inch for they will surely push for a mile. Make rules, stick to them.

6. Restrict all sugars except a bit of honey in the protein drink. Also consider restricting artificial colors and flavors. If you allow sugars, the pancreas gets trigger happy and the child peaks, then crashes, craves sugar, eats, then peaks and crashes, again and again. Thus, the diabetic diet.

I hope this is helpful to you.

Love, Joan

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