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JOAN BRAMSCH, mother of 5, educator and writer, is founder of the EmpoweredParent.com web site. Boy, does she ever have experience!

Who Is Joan Bramsch?

Joan Bramsch

Joan Bramsch is a family person, educator, premium toy designer, writer and a publisher in traditional print and now in electronic books - E-Books. Her feature stories, interviews and articles appear in major international magazines and newspapers, both print and on the Internet. Six of her best-selling adult novels - numbering near one million copies - have been published in ten languages for worldwide distribution.

Mom Of 5 Earns Scholarship

At one time, Joan and her children were enrolled in five different colleges and her beloved husband Bill supported them all! While she continued to work outside the home, she earned a full scholastic scholarship to complete undergraduate work at Washington University College, St. Louis, MO, with B.S. Degrees in English, Journalism and Communications.

"I had to stay on the Dean's List to set a good example for my children!"


Extensive Research & Practical Applications form the basis of Joan's book, TEACH ME, I'M YOURS. Her education in the field of perception and body awareness was obtained through doctors at St. Louis Children's Hospital; therapists at the Irene Johnson Rehabilitation Hospital, and several years of teaching at Forsyth School, all located in St. Louis, Missouri. In addition, she has done extensive research and practical application of experimental lesson plans on her own.

Perceptual Designer

Joan designs perception toys, composes perceptual/motor exercises and songs, and writes "I Feel Wonderful" stories -- all for children. In January, 1999 she premiered an Internet magazine for parents. The Empowered Parenting Ezine, a free publication for parents, step parents, grandparents, educators and even parents-to-be, serves readers worldwide. Membership grows daily. Why? Because, when she isn't writing, serving Parents is her Passion!

Keep up to date with the latest parenting information by subscribing to EmpoweredParent.com Ezine. It's FREE! and features timely tips and good advice for the most important job in the world, Parenting! Joan will encourage you to be Your Best.

"Children really ARE different today."

Parent Comment: "Others I skim; yours, I read every word!"

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