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The Games Room

Here are some simple, child-safe games that your family is sure to enjoy.

Tiny Kiddles

Blocks - free children's computer gameBlocks - learn to click the mouse and see what the picture will become.

The Early Years: preschool - Grade 3

Communicating Characters: free computer game for children

Characters: this activity supports the early learning goals of communication, language and literacy. It provides opportunities for children to communicate thoughts, ideas and feelings. It also provides opportunities for the development of spoken language through conversation.


Tidy The Classroom: free computer game for children Tidy The Classroom: this activity can be used to develop children's 'mouse skills' and enhance their hand/eye co-ordination. Although the activity is intuitive additional 'help' instructions are available by rolling over the different objects in the room. The opening screen provides an area where children can practice their 'single' and double clicking' skills as well as 'dragging and dropping' before moving on to the activity itself. The objective of the activity is for the child to tidy up a messy classroom. There are a number of tasks which can be completed in any order. Rolling over the objects in the classroom displays a prompt as to the mouse action required. Once everything has been tidied away there is a 'reward' and an option to play again.

For 262 educational games and activities from preschool to teen, visit Birmingham Grid For Learning

Tic Tac Toe Game: here's a new look for an all-time favourite

Free Moon & Stars computer game for children
Pocketful of Stars
- more challenging than it looks!
It helps to have a large screen.

Free Frog computer game for children
The Little Frog Who Can't Swim
- this one is great fun!

Free Koala computer game for children
Bum Bum Koala
- a day in the rainforest.

Save the Chicken - free computer game for childrenChicken Wings Are Not For Flying - Save the stubborn little chicken. Gives great practice in speed and distance perception, as well as hand-eye coordination

Bubble Bees - free computer game for children
Bubble Bees
- an intriguing game full of subtleties

There are many other great games like this at

Just In Time For Halloween

Howloween - free children's computer game

Happy Howloween Puzzle

Parent - Meditative


Fun At Any Age

Empowered Kid Snowball Game - fun for the entire family. Choose either the fast or the slower version. It's more challenging than it looks!

Be sure to check out other available games with this search option:

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