Catering Your Way To Riche$

Cater Your Way To Riche$

How many times have you been told:

"You're a terrific cook!
You should be in the catering business."

And how many times have you thought to yourself, "It could be a great experience, being a caterer." But you were afraid! And you didn't know where to begin.

CATER YOUR WAY TO RICHE$ aims to quickly and easily fill in all those gaps with information. Even on a part-time basis, for once in your life, you can be the boss.

Yes, for you, there is money to be made in catering.

CATER YOUR WAY TO RICHES is the perfect plan for making your dreams of owning a successful catering business a reality. The steps are concise, thorough, and simple.

Great job, Joan. You always find incredible ways to help people, especially moms.

Cater Your Way To Riche$ deals with the less demanding, less competitive, but extremely lucrative small business market that a new caterer/entrepreneur can handle from her or his own kitchen.

Just look at all the information
that you will cover!

  • Types of Catering
    - Off Premises
    - Food Service
    - Take out parties
    - Delivery only parties

  • Organization of a Catering operation
    - Items to consider before you begin your catering business
    - Licensing
    - Food Production
    - Managerial skills
    - Cooking skills
    - Sales & promotion

  • Managing your Catering business
    - Control of key areas such as purchasing, timing, mobilization
    - Hiring additional personnel
    - Cost analysis: figuring actual costs when factoring in expenses such as groceries, direct labor disbursements,fees, rentals, purchases, etc.
    - Net profit

  • Catering Administration
    - Record keeping
    - Confirmed booking reports
    - Lost business index
    - Contracts
    - Individual operations records
    - Personnel work orders
    - Commentaries & individual event critiques

  • Catering for different occasions
    - Types of affairs & party functions

  • 4 Basics of a successful party

  • Equipment & supplies

  • Food requirements for catered events
    - Planning the menu
    - Purchasing the correct amounts
You will also learn where to find and communicate with clients, how to design unique party ideas, how to plan ahead, even portion information for different types of gatherings -- receptions, birthday celebrations, afternoon teas, cocktail parties, business lunches.
Remember, each client has dozens and dozens of friends, relatives and business contacts who are potential customers.

And each one is ready to rave about your fine service and exceptional food.

This book speaks to everyone who cooks, not just Caterers. It really helps you cater your own parties - and it does it so well.

It is also great for preparing for one's own occasions and events - or volunteering to help at Church, School, Scouts, etc. even if not in the business - but just helping. Congratulations! What a winner.

A Bonus Gift For You

To help you get started with your new catering career, your purchase of Cater Your Way To Riche$ also brings you a wonderful cookbook containing over 100 recipes ranging from taste-tempting appetizers to hearty "comfort" foods and luscious desserts.

So don't wait a minute longer.
Start your new home business today!


Cater Your Way To Riches

Cater Your Way To Riche$
by Joan Bramsch

An ebook in pdf format that can immediately
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$14.95 US

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It's true, you could pay hundreds of dollars to learn how to start your own Catering Service. But now you can have the necessary information for a fraction of that price. You can download the soup-to-nuts basic instructions for only $14.95 US.

Is it worth it to pay a few dollars to learn the basic information that can guide you as you set up your new business (because you've been down-sized) or to start part-time on weekends to "test the waters" as an entrepreneur?

You be the judge. You'll take absolutely no risk with my:

3 Months, No Questions Asked 100% Guarantee!

Download the ebook and try just a few of the basic strategies. If you don't see how quickly and easily you can learn the recipe for success, I don't want your money. If you're not completely satisfied with the book for any reason or no reason at all, simply contact me and I'll send you a refund, no questions asked.

I stand completely behind CATER YOUR WAY TO RICHE$ and I know when you learn the information inside this catering primer you'll tell yourself,

"I can have my own home catering business.
I can do this now!"

Anyone who is interested in catering can't go wrong reading your book... Even someone like me who has never given catering a lot of thought could take your book and make a very successful business for themselves in just a short amount of time. This is a must read.

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$14.95 US

This is an ebook in pdf format that can immediately
be downloaded and read on your computer.

Or you can READ IT FOR FREE.

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