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Success For Your Unique Child

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2005 Eppie WINNER
to help you raise your
child's IQ while nurturing a happy, successful individual.

Research has shown the years from birth to 10, especially those between 3 and 6, to be the most important for learning - in one's entire lifetime!

Most parents teach their child naturally during the early months and years. They take great pride and joy in each new skill their child acquires.

When the child approaches preschool age, however, parents often begin to feel inadequate to the challenge of the child's education. You say to yourself: "I might do something wrong. I may make mistakes. I don't have the training."

This is where TEACH ME, I'M YOURS will help you. No teacher knows your child better than you do. No one else is better equipped to "seize the high-interest moment" and share new information with your child.


Teach Me, I'm Yours is written by Joan Bramsch, a veteran preschool, kindergarten and primary educator, mother of five and grandmother of seven.

It contains almost 300 pages of fully-tested lessons, games, songs and exercises for:
  • Large and small muscle control
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Foot-hand coordination
  • Color recognition
  • Shape recognition
  • Audio, visual and tactual perception
  • Positive thinking exercises
  • Locomotor skills
  • Creative development of the imagination
  • Problem-solving
  • Memory development
  • Pre-reading and prewriting skills
  • Behavior modification

This exciting new book describes in detail everything you need to know to help your child succeed in all aspects of life.

Written in a simple, easy to understand format, this book is the long awaited answer for you, a very busy, but conscientious, parent who wants to do the best possible job in educating her or his child.

Here are some examples of the activities you will find in TEACH ME, I'M YOURS.

  • Positive Self Image Song
  • I am successful
  • Relaxing exercises
  • Bells, bangs & clashes
  • Sound it out
  • Clap-a-beat
  • Look at the clouds
  • Now you see it in your mind
  • Baked shapes

  • Stick shapes & Quick copy pegs
  • Balance beam exercises
  • Bean bag & rubber ball target toss
  • Ball & rod exercises
  • Picture-circle exercise
  • Rhythmic writing exercise
  • Body, space & time
  • Spin-a-stunt
  • Blindfold what's that?
  • Tactile grab bag
  • Personal space-general space

Easy Instructions!

TEACH ME, I'M YOURS also contains complete, easy instructions so that you will know how to use this book to help your child.

In addition, each Lesson features Group A (beginning skills) and Group B, with more challenging skills, so that your unique, bright child never gets bored.

What do Parents say?

We have used the information in the Teach Me, Iím Yours Course with our three-year old child. Even after eight lessons we can see her muscle coordination and vocabulary and memory skills have increased dramatically. Thank you, Joan.

Clayton and Jan in Minnesota

Joan -- My Special Needs child is never frustrated by games or exercises from Teach Me, Iím Yours. I think itís because you tell parents to start right where your child is, and that thereís no room for failure, only a little more practice. Thank you.

Pam, a satisfied Mom in Washington

You said Teach Me, Iím Yours could raise our childís IQ, Joan, and I believe that youíre right. Tommy also seems filled with such happy energy that my husband says weíre soon going to have to get ourselves roller skates to keep up with him!

Ginny in New York

When my kids get stressed or tired, one of them will come running to me. ďMom, quick! We need to play a quiet game from the ĎTeacherí book.Ē Isnít that amazing, Joan? They know Teach Me, Iím Yours works.

Katie in California

The lessons are terrific, but I especially like how easy it is to use this new version of Teach Me, I'm Yours. The layout lets you see at a glance which parts are to be read out loud, and where the instructions are. Ideal for classroom use!
(or when trying to read while playing a game.)

Sara in Canada

"Teach Me, I'm Yours" is totally unique

Information of this type is available in dozens of college book stores, but it is written in text book form. You would have to buy many books and take bits and pieces from each to make your own volume of instruction that still would not be as complete as TEACH ME, I'M YOURS.

Independent and chain booksellers also sell parenting books, but most don't provide word-for-word and step-by-step instructions like TEACH ME, I'M YOURS. In my opinion, you won't have the best plan for your child to build the foundation s/he needs for the future.

The more your child can learn in the areas of perception and small and large muscle control, the better equipped s/he will be in understanding instructions and performing the skills necessary to succeed in the classroom.

TEACH ME, I'M YOURS is an ideal way for parents to help their child grow in many areas ... physical fitness, body awareness, physical perception and mental alertness. It is a well-designed, effective program for all young children. By using it, the children will gain self-control and self-confidence which will aid their self-actualization and lay the foundation for success in school and everyday life. This program is a must for all parents of preschool and primary school-age children.

Media Management Services, Inc.
Editorial Director, McGraw-Hill Films

TEACH ME, I'M YOURS is available now in ebook format. You can begin using it in moments, once it is on your computer, and continue using the materials for years!

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"TEACH ME, I'M YOURS" has been selected for the US Library eBook project. The complete eBook (PDF format) can be 'borrowed' and read for free, by requesting a copy from your local library and quoting ISBN 0-934334-00-5 from the Follett TitleTales/TitleWave catalog (US libraries only).

This ebook is what good parenting is all about - you and your child.

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Your child deserves the very best that life has to offer; and the best way for you to ensure a good beginning is by being there and taking part.

Teach Me, Iím Yours is designed to be fun and easy. Only minutes a day can change your childís whole future.

Purchase the ebook today and try just a few of the basic strategies. You will be amazed at how fast your child will progress.

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Bonus Gift For Your & Your Child

When you purchase the newly revised edition of ďTeach Me, Iím YoursĒ, you and your child will also receive the complete coloring book of 34 full-sized cartoon drawings used in illustrating the lessons.

Fun for the whole family!

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