How Much Would You Say
The Safety of Your Child is Worth?

Priceless, you say? Yes, I'd agree...

because no amount of money can replace a family member.

Here's valuable information to help you protect your child, particularly against molesters and kidnappers.

Kid Safe: protect your family from molesters & kidnappers     

With Kid Safe you will learn ...
  • Safety Rules
  • Survival Tactics
  • Escape Techniques
  • Intuition
  • Role-playing games

with information provided by top experts in the field of child abductions.

KID SAFE Teaches You How To Protect your family from Molesters & Kidnappers

Your Child & Teen's Life May Depend On It!

Hi dear Parent,

Pam Coronado, a private investigator specializing in finding lost and kidnapped children, and I co-wrote KID SAFE last summer after the heart-wrenching news that several little girls in seven different states, were kidnapped, raped and murdered. Only one little girl escaped through opportunity, education, and her own gutsy courage.

The other children, from ages 5 years to 11 years, were each kidnapped from their homes or nearby area, then brutally raped and finally murdered -- killed by a blunt instrument, a large rock or strangled by the hands of a sick and evil man.

During the same time frame two teen girls were also kidnapped. You probably recall the live coverage. The teens were saved by authorities only moments before being shot to death. They were not, however, saved from being brutally invaded by a male who was already sought for rape in another state.

The young girls face months and perhaps years of treatment to get the pervert's face out of their minds and to heal the psychological wounds he dealt them. After he was killed in a shoot-out with police, the local Sheriff informed the press that "there would be no trial or sentence served. The felon had been shot dead."

For days I listened to the radio news and tearfully watched the television reporting here in St. Louis where little 5-year old Casey was a victim of a violent and brutal death. I watched hope die as hour by hour slipped by with no Casey found.

Children have a right to feel safe and loved and protected.

I asked myself, how can I help?
I mean REALLY help?

After Casey's kidnapping and murder in my own community I knew I had to complete the book I'd been working on for months because concerned parents needed the information to ease their fears and provide them with solid steps to protect their family. That's when Pam Coronado, a private investigator specializing in finding lost and kidnapped children, and I joined forces.

The results, produced by hard work, long hours and contributions from expert associates in the field of child abduction as well as public agencies, is a book I'm proud to share with you. Every chapter carries instructions for you to help keep your family safe. The name of the book is:

Kid Safe: protect your family from molesters & kidnappers

The Top Objective for KID SAFE was...

to help parents keep their family safe.
To protect them from harm.


We wanted to help parents walk that fine line between protecting childhood innocence and making sure the youngsters are streetwise and know the rules.

The challenge was real. Could it be done?

Yes! Pam and I bring you a book filled with priceless help for your child and teen's safety.

KID SAFE gives clear explanations, provides step-by-step instructions , makes concrete suggestions and fine-tunes basic information for child and teen protection.

Check out the complete
Table of Contents for Kid Safe here

KID SAFE is all about being smart enough to stay safe. A Parent always hopes to keep safe his or her child and teen. This book brings home more than hype and hope.

KID SAFE gives you practical solutions for real life situations. You learn what it REALLY takes to keep a child or teen safe. You learn... And you teach... And finally you know you're doing everything in your power to protect your dear, innocent child.


Your child is approached by a sad looking man. He has a bright green leash in one hand and a small photograph in the other. He leans toward the curious child, holds out the picture and says:

"I've lost my brand new puppy. Little Blackie must have just wandered out of my yard."

The man wipes a tear from his eye. Your child feels his pain.

"Will you help me find him?" asks the man, holding out his puppy picture. "He must be so hungry and scared."

Does the child go off with the man?

Chances are your child will go with the man to help find the lost puppy... UNLESS you've prepared him or her to always give the same answer to any stranger who asks for help. If you've done your homework, then your child knows to SHOUT...

"No, I'm just a little kid. Ask a grown up to help you."

And then run away and tell a trustworthy adult.

KID SAFE shows you how to role-play and play-act and do drills with your kids. Yes, it's fun, but it also works! It's just one of the factual, tested ways I give you to teach your child and teen the Rules to stay safe "out there."

I have to admit that I was horrified when I read this ebook. Having worked with schools and police departments in 2 provinces, I thought I pretty well "knew it all". Yet one of your basic examples tricked me.

This ebook contains so much more than I expected, as it covers everything from choosing safe childcare to survival tips for women. Definitely a 'must read' for all ages!

Sara in BC

Need more reasons? Then read on...

  • KID SAFE contains extensive instructions for Parents on how to teach their child about this terrible fact of life - molesters and kidnappers live in every community! No, we mustn't frighten the life out of our children and teens but yes, we must equip them so they aren't robbed of Life!

  • KID SAFE encourages Parents to teach their child and teen that it is imperative that they always listen to their Inner Voice or Intuition - it will never lie to them (or any of us) because it is the seed of our Life protection.

    Intuition is not a gift to some, it's a learned ability. We all have it; therefore, Parents must make sure their child and teen knows how to use their Intuition for safety. KID SAFE shows you how.

  • KID SAFE reveals a fact that is often ignored. The truth is... Molesters are not usually strangers. They can be found among family, friends, religious and sports organizations... they hide out in the open!

KID SAFE Also Includes:
  • Escape Tips to teach your child and teen in case they are in danger

  • FREE Bonus Essential Resource Report - lists contact information, how to report a missing child, and provides instructions to get scores of free manuals, pamphlets and brochures about various safety topics.

  • FREE Rules of Safety for Teen Girls.

  • FREE Read Aloud Stories For Children, which will provide many discussion and role-playing opportunities.

  • True stories about finding a missing child, and one about finding the murderer of a child

  • A FREE Surprise Report!

So what does KID SAFE cost?

For ONLY $11.95 US you will receive via email a pdf copy of Kid Safe that you can read on your computer, print out entirely, or select and print only a particular section, such as a list for your Teen or a read-aloud story for your child.

Such a small price to pay for...
dedicated articles
compiled into one book
so you can keep your family safe
from those who would try to hurt them.

Or you can READ IT FOR FREE.

"Kid Safe" has been selected for the US Library eBook project. The complete eBook (PDF format) can be 'borrowed' and read for free, by requesting a copy from your local library and quoting ISBN 0-934334-11-0 from the Follett TitleTales/TitleWave catalog (US libraries only).

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Kid Safe:how to protect your family from kidnappers & molesters     

This is an ebook (electronic book) in pdf format
that can be read on your computer,
or printed for personal use.

$11.95 US

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KID SAFE comment:

"...thank you for writing the book. It had some very interesting suggestions I hadn't thought of before. I am sure it will help my children stay safer."
Kent in Illinois

Thank you with all my heart for giving me this opportunity to serve you and your Family in this important safety matter. I truly believe that KID SAFE will make a difference in your family life.

Buy it today. Right now. This instant. Don't put it off. Please.

Tomorrow afternoon your child might meet that man with the "lost puppy." Or your teen, while walking alone, might ignore the creeping sense saying, "Danger! Danger!"

Please learn the tools your child needs to stay safe. Buy KID SAFE now.


Joan Bramsch

The Empowered Parenting eJournal

Kid Safe: child safety ebook  guarantee  1 YEAR, No Questions Asked, 100% Guarantee!

KID SAFE comes with a 100%, no questions asked, full refund for ONE YEAR Guarantee. Purchase the ebook today and try just a few of the basic strategies. Little by little and bit by bit, you'll practice with your child and play-act until they know what to do in a dangerous situation.

You risk nothing with your purchase; you risk everything if you don't. If you're not completely satisfied with the book for any reason, simply contact me and I'll send you a refund, no questions asked.