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Tribute to Bill

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I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know your strength and courage inspire me. I look forward to every e-mail from you, and you and your precious family are in our prayers. Much love to you all!


After going through prostrate cancer with my husband, I learned a beautiful lesson. The Lord is in Charge, and his love for us expands eternity. May he bless your life and be with you each day as you struggle and also as you feel joy in the small things we often forget.



Hi Joan, I subscribe to the Empowered Parenting newsletter, and I just wanted to send you and Bill my best wishes and "angels with flashlights" thoughts. Hang in there.



What a beautiful sharing at so many levels of love and light. Thanks, Joan....and continued angelic blessings to both you and Bill and your wonderful children.

With healing aloha,


hi Joan:

this is great news. I love the image of thousands of flash lights. I am praying and pointing my little white lights your way.



I'm so glad all the prayers are having some effect. As I said when everyone was working so hard on baby Matthew's behalf, any brand and any style. God will hear them all and make up his mind as to what should happen. Hang in there Girl, We know he's a tough old bird. Did you ever wonder what he thinks about the fact that there are women all over the world thinking about him? ;>) That's got to be a rush! and EMPOWERING! :>)


<< Instead let's image thousands of angels with flashlights! >>

I will. Millions of angels with flashlights is an awesome image!



Dear Joan,

I love the image, but perhaps it's time to augment the "angels with flashlights" with archangels with searchlights! Am stepping up the prayers, "searchlights" and Reiki for Bill and for you.

Love, Ellen


Dear Brother Bruce -

As his loving wife Joan was making a decision to release Bill Bramsch to the Lord and end his suffering, you, the partners, we, our prayer partners and church folk and lots of other friends lifted Bill up to the mercy of the Lord and lo, in a day, SOME improvement has been detected in his condition and there once again is hope where there was despair.

Mrs. B relayed a long e-mail describing changes during the weekend that give hope but we have condensed it all to the SOME improvement mention. Let us all continue to pray, now for MORE improvement and for that MIRACLE we want for him - the same miracle of healing which all the prayers brought about early this year for great-grandson Matthew.

Charlie and Bernice



Glad tidings and great joy.. Don and I are thrilled with your news of Bill's improvement! Angels with flashlights it is count us in. Bill will need sunglasses when all of your friends get going. Please take care of yourself. Our love to you both.

Love and miss you both.
Shirl and Don.


Dear Joan,

Bill, and you, are still on my prayer list. Even though we don't understand it, God's will be done.



From Australia:

Dear Aunty Joan, I am so terribly sorry, I have been sending all the love I can, I think many have, and though it isn't enough to make your man well again, I hope he can be peaceful with no pain at least. Please give Bill love and hugs from the both of us, and please Aunty Joan, please, take care of yourself, I KNOW Bill doesn't want you ill from caring for him. He loves you too much. He would be upset if you fell in a heap from caring and it happens so easily. Take any help you are given please?

lots of love Robbie and Shaun to you both


Dear Joan,

Just wanted to let you know that I have put your and Bill's names on our Native American Prayer e-mail list. Smoke will go up in both your names for healing.



Dear Family and Friends,

This afternoon at two, surrounded by his children, Bill passed away. He didn't suffer; he was in a coma for the last 24 hours. He could not have battled another moment so I thank God he is safe and happy. Thank all of you for your prayers and positive thoughts.

Love, Joan

Sunset on water


Oh, Joan.

I'm so sorry, but I think I understand how you must feel. It sounded like he was in pretty bad shape, and from the way he looked at you on Monday, it didn't seem like he wanted to endure much more. I'm thankful that your children were able to be with him at the end .....

Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

Once again, Joan, my heart is full of sympathy for you. I know Bill will be missed so much.

Much love,
Mary Jo


Joan, I cannot express how deeply I feel that you have lost Bill. I certainly know how close you were and how much you both have struggled to keep him well. God had his plan and I don't believe we can do much to alter the course of our lives; His will is done.

God Bless,



You have my utmost sympathies in your loss. I know that you did everything possible to see that his last days were the best they could be. Our prayers are with you and the children and grandchildren so that you may find peace and closure in the coming days. He will be missed by all whom he touched.

Janice and David


Joan, my heart breaks for you. We know that he is on to another adventure, but it hurts so much to be left behind. Take care and be strong. I will hold you both in my prayers.



I am sorry to hear the news...but like you said..he is on to a new adventure...one day we will all be with our loved ones!!



Oh Joan... my sympathies on your loss. It is obvious how much you love Bill and your grief must be profound. I hope you're surrounded by friends and family to support you.


To Miss Joan

Memories Keep Those We Love
Close to Us Forever

Although words seem to say so little,
I hope they help in some small way
to ease the sense of loss
that you're experiencing today.

Love and hugs, Nick

P.S. Thank you for all of your prayers for my recovery with my treatments at the Shriner's. We are all thinking of you at this bleak moment.

Love and MANY hugs, Nick



My heartfelt sympathy at your loss. What a privilege you have experienced to be such a significant partner on his journey. May you be blessed.

Aloha. Annie



As I have been following your updates I have said many small prayers for you and your kind family. I had hoped that the prayers would be enough to restore your husband to his full glory and you and he would live many more loving years together.

Tonight as I read the sad news a sense of calm came over me as I knew you would be all right and that God was with you always in good times and in bad. There is a calming comfort in knowing that God is with us and when our loved ones pass on they will be all right joining the almighty at his side. Although things cannot help but be different for you from now on I know that you will hold on to the love and faith that you have created all the days of your life with Bill.

May you stay strong in your faith and know that you have touched many people and although you may not know us personally you are in our hearts and thoughts often. God Keep you Always,


With deepest sympathy


Missy Joan,

I was praying that your e-mail might never have been written. Nick was sitting here with me when it came in and wanted to also share his thoughts with you. You and Bill have been in our thoughts and prayers during this trying time. I wish you only the most love and light I can send your way.

We love you very much.
Holli, Tim and Nick


Hi Joan,

I am sorry so to hear about your husband. But I am glad he had his family and his beloved wife with him.

Having been widowed myself, let me know if you ever need to talk. And don't be afraid to cry, it helps.


You and your family have my deepest sympathy. You were blessed like few are in this life. I hope you find comfort in the warmth of your memories and in the knowledge that his spirit walks with you.


Thank you for informing us, Joan. You and your children/grandchildren will be in my prayers. I am so sorry for this loss of our hero, but I know that he is marching tall in Heaven right now as he so richly deserves. May God give you peace and comfort in knowing that you were the best of the wives in this world. Our hearts are with you.

John, Cindy & Chad


Joan -

I am glad you were all there for Bill's passing. I know he left this world surrounded by love. And was greeted with love on the other side where he awaits his loved ones.


Chad wants you to know that he is very sorry to hear about Mr. Bill not being with us anymore. He says that he doesn't mean this in a bad way, but that it was Mr. Bill's time to go and that Mr. Bill is happy now because he is with Jesus. He said that Mr. Bill can now come into his (Chad's) world and be a kid again and have fun. And that he will never be sick again.

He says to tell you that he loves you, Mrs. Elf, and that he will pray for you.



You sound so at peace. I can only hope and pray that I'll be so strong should I ever lose someone so near and dear. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.



Bill & Joan - still in love Dear Joan,

Yours was one of the truly great love stories, an example for anyone who needed one, a dream fulfilled for those who somehow lost the ability to dream. Until...they met you and Bill. You are so loved.



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