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My Dear One,

We all experienced the horror of that terrible day, September 11, 2001, when Humanity's enemies set out to make a statement to the world. Those twisted beings believed their awful plans would defeat freedom.

How wrong they were. How wrong they are!

This Tribute is a Time Capsule, a compilation of posts from Empowered Parents around the world during the two-weeks following 9/11. I hope it will serve a good purpose to remind us how we felt at the moment and those that followed. I know we are changed; I know we have better values today.

This Tribute shows how we came through the fear, the terror, the worry for our children and other loved ones, and illustrates the Power we hold dear and will NOT easily release to any enemy...

Our Freedom!

Let me tell you about the book cover. It is a spectacular night shot - I received special permission from the photographer
Cliff Wassmann to use it. http://artseek.com/wfa

This photograph is truly unique because it was raining, other photographers left, but Wassmann remained to capture this amazing picture. The Light Memorial goes up, up and then spreads out upon some low clouds, shaping the light INTO A HEART! Thank you with all my heart, Cliff, for the privilege of using your work.

With Love and great respect,



September 4, 2002

Thank you, Joan, for the beautiful tribute site. It is a wonderful, endearing remembrance to not only those who lost their lives that fateful day but also to those who endured --so bravely -- afterwards. All that I saw in the days that followed made me realize that there is no other Country as blessed as ours is, no other peoples that are as strong as we are. Forever in my heart and mind will be etched the remembrance of our people -- those that risked lives to save others, those that gave their all afterwards, and those who lost their lives that day. I hope a day never passes that we, as Americans, realize just how blessed we are. We have Freedon. We have Faith. We have EACH OTHER.

love and blessings,

Thank you, Joan.
This is truly in depth family sharing. In the end, everybody will win when we all become one family.


Joan~ What a labor of love! Thank you! It was awesome and very thought provoking.

And so we begin..

A 9-11 Time Capsule:
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